Plateau Governorship 2023: APC  Aspirants warned Lalong against imposition of Nentawe's candidature

Plateau Governorship 2023: APC  Aspirants warned Lalong against  imposition of Nentawe's candidature
Plateau Governorship 2023: APC  Aspirants warned Lalong against  imposition of Nentawe's candidature

Plateau: 18 APC  Governorship Aspirants accused Gov. Lalong of plan imposition

18 Plateau APC Governorship
aspirants lead by chief Amos Gizo, has today, monday 9th may 2022 at kalwa House, Jos city the capital of Plateau State, held press conference and collectively agree on position against any form of candidate.

The governorship aspirants of APC Plateau state who are 18 in number are people who have all indicated interests for the number one seat of the state.

The aspirants in their submission accused Governor Simon Bako Lalong of sponsoring a particular candidate in person of Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe and planning to impose him on the Party.

The communique read.


Gentlemen of the press.

It is my pleasure and a privilege to be amongst you this morning.
- It has made it a necessity for us to address you this morning
considering recent development in our great party the APC
Plateau state chapter.
- It is no longer news that the issue of the moment is the 2023
general elections; most political parties are busy with primaries
to produce party flag bearers to beat the INEC schedules.
- Our party the APC is not left out of there process by preparing
guidelines and schedule of primaries sales of forms for all
elective positions are ongoing and is expected to close by
Tuesday the 10th of May 2023.
- As the processes are going on in the sate the executive
Governor of Plateau State Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong and the
state chairman Hon. Rufus Bature sermonad and enlarged
stake holders meeting at the government house on Monday
18th/4/2022 they admonished all aspirants to speak to
themselves on possible withdrawals and a possibility of coming
up with a consensus candidate.
- This we started immediately after the parley but we as
governorship aspirants were invited by the state chairman Hon.
Rufus Bature at the state secretariat at kalwa on the 25/4/2022
recterated the govern house position and asked us to try to
help the party and ourselves by trying to agree and to come up
with a consensus candidate or at least reduce the number of
governorship aspirants at the end of the meeting the state
chairman gave legitimacy to the Plateau governorship aspirants
forum by appointing Chief Amos Gizo as the chairman convener
of all the over 20 APC governorship aspirants.
- As the ruling party in the state and at the center our desire is to
produce credible, qualified and electable candidates who are
loyal to the party leadership and a person without baggage as
we want to return power beyond the 16 years of PDP.
- We know what it is to be in government and to be outside
government and we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the
previous leaders who could not install their successors by being
selfish of imposing unpopular candidates.
- The press conference is a collective agreements and position of
about 18 governorship aspirants of APC Plateau state who have
all indicated interests for the number one seat of the state.
- The governor and the leadership of the party in the state all
confirmed that all of us are most qualified that the least
qualified of the APC aspirant is better than the most qualified
of candidates of the other parties.
We are all passionate about the Plateau state project, all interested
in changing the narratives of a new secured, developed Plateau. All
of us have met and spoken and have asked ourselves the question of
how did we come to this decay? Where did we get it wrong?
We all agreed that Plateau is not progressing as the indices of
progress show that we are derailing from the prestigious 3rd position
in the 60s, 70s and 80s amongst the states of the north to 12th, this
means something is fundamentally wrong with successive
administrations of the state that the political will to propel positive
developments by our founding fathers these are what we have
discussed and all willing to change.
The APC governorship aspirants on the Plateau are seasoned experts
in their fields ranging from academic professors, doctors,
administrators, accountants, and financial experts, lawyers,
surveyors etc. All willing to key into the new Plateau project.
The aspirants in our meetings have resolved as follows.
At our maiden meeting, the aspirants resolved as follows:
1. There should be no impositions of any kind and consensus will
be done by the aspirants themselves.
2. We all agreed that any aspirant that becomes the consensus
candidate will be supported by all.
3. We all agreed that whoever emerges will have the blue print of
other aspirants to be embedded into his manifestos and
4. We all agreed that delegates will emerge by either the
consensus of the aspirants or election must take place at the
various designated wards and local government.
5. That no concurred list will be accepted.
6. The party leadership should ensure strict compliance to the
guidelines of the party for the conduct of the adhoc delegates
and our position has been communicated to the party leadership by
our chairman chief Amos Gizo and the secretary Dr Danyaro serpiya
by our mandate.
This press conference is to let you members of the fourth estate of
the realm know and in turn let the world and particularly the
leadership of our party at the natural level know our position and to
proudly say that for the first time matured men aspiring for the same
position and all put their personal ambitions and interest on time to
chart a course for the collective interest of Plateau and have vowed
that they will come up with a consensus governorship candidate for
APC on the Plateau before the primaries.
This press conference is necessitated by what looked like rumor but
has been evident by the body language of the state governor Rt.
Hon. Simon Bako Lalong with members of the first family (wife and
brothers) his father in-law. Mr Cyril Tsenyil the Accountant general of
the state, Mr Festus Fuanter the deputy national secretary of APC
anchored by the member representating pankshin, kanke and kanam
at the national assembly Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi to subjugate
the Collective will of the members of APC by imposing a candidate on
members of the party in the person of Dr. Nentawe Yilwada Goshen
which is unacceptable to all of us. We all believe this act of
subverting democracy has the express approval of the governor just
to deny the people’s choice and foist an unpopular candidate that
will cause misfortune to the party as their preferred candidate he has
just disengaged with INEC as Resident Electoral Commissioner and he
is yet to get his membership right with APC and has not totally
disengagement with INEC. Since this matter became open in the
public domain the governor has remained silent over it, this means
silence is consent. He has the authority to caution all the
Other issues the 18 aspirants would like the party leadership in the
state to address immediately is the use of the former adhoc
delegates with amendments it is totally objected by us and as major
stakeholders of the governorship primary we insist that an election
must be held in all the 207 federal ward to come up with the five
delegate of which two must be women. The rumor of a concocted
list of adhoc delegate is here by objected by all of us.
We implore the state chairman not to key into this act of derailment
of our much labored efforts that by today the state party leadership
should place list of returning officers for the exercise of tomorrow
where elected delegates will emerge.
While we acknowledge that members of the legacy pressure group
have a right to converse votes for their preferred aspirant but they
do not have the right to usurp the powers of the party in the state or
try acts capable of turning the APC fortune to misfortune.
- The governor should try to own up to his neutrality the party
as empires should maintain their neutrality and limit their
choices during voting as any overt attempt to take sides will
surely erode the confidence reposed on them, any state
executive member who wishes to campaign - The Plateau state APC governorship forum has unanimously
resolved that before the governorship primary we shall present
to the party a consensus candidate who has the quality to win
at the general election against other parties’ candidate.
We have equally resolved that all of us shall join the consensus
candidate in his campaign and we shall contribute financially and
otherwise to the success of APC in the state.
- If the state party leadership allows those bend on subverting
our nascent democracy to thrive it shall put the state chapter
into crisis and we the 18 aspirants have vowed and agreed to
dump the party with our teaming supporters for any party of
our choice.
Thank you all for taking your time out and we trust you will do
justice to the points raised.
Thank you all and God bless.
Long live the federal republic of Nigeria,
Long live APC,
Long live Plateau state and
Long live Plateau state APC governorship aspirants.
1. Chief. Amos Y. Gizo – Chairman/Convener
2. Danyaro Dakon Sarpiya – Secretary
3. HE. Prof. Sonnie Tyoden
4. Shem Y. Damisa
5. Amb. Chief Yohanna Margif
6. Dr. Danlami Lenkop
7. Dist. Sen. Hezekiah A. Dimka
8. Compt. David D. Dimka
9. Mr. Geofrey Yileng
10. Mr. Johnson Podar
11. Mr. Sunday Garba Biggs
12. Mr. Kizito Gukas
13. Mr. Sipak Shaset
14. Mr. Shehu Barde Pukat
15. Barr. Garba S Pwul
16. Prof. C. J. Dakas
17. Dr. Fitka Steve
18. Dr. Patrick Sunday Dakum
Chief Dr. Amos Y Gizo
Dr. Danyaro Dakom Sarpiya