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The Ukrainian teenagers who returned for their school prom

Three friends who were separated by the war talk about going back home for a special school reunion.


Australian rugby star accuses rival of using racist slur

Ezra Mam's claim against Spencer Leniu overshadows the National Rugby League season opener in the US.


The tree-planting mayor of Freetown

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr has faced challenges in her climate change mission but won over many women.


A pioneering women's World Cup erased from history

The story of huge crowds at the 1971 event is told in a new documentary backed by the Williams sisters.


Nikki Haley defeats Trump in Washington DC primary

The ex-ambassador is the first woman to win a Republican primary, but Donald Trump is still way ahead.


Israeli Troops Open Fire At Crowd Waiting For Food Aid...

The local health ministry spokesperson Ashaf al-Qidra who confirmed the incident described it as an unprovoked Israeli attack on the...

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