Ezekwesili Blasts Lawmakers over outrageous allowances when citizens die of hardship.

“So that vexing news turned out to be accurate.

I read the extremely ludicrous and duplicitous statement released by the Spokesman of the @HouseNGR on their insensitive purchase of 360 Toyota SUVs for themselves.

You all had the audacity to spend scarce public resources on luxury cars at a time majority of your citizens cannot feed, transport themselves, pay school fees and hospital bills due to cost of living crisis?

At this stage, it is evident you want to continue with your serial bad behavior. 

Since not even 1 of you fellows @nassnigeria @HouseNGR @NGRSenate saw the heartlessness of that decision to buy 360 new Toyota SUVs for yourselves at this time of severe economic distress of the citizens and country, please know that you all are the biggest threat to our Democracy.

Just know that a day cometh and very soon  too, when it would be your fed-up Nigerian Citizens and not the Military that will rise up and collectively chase all of you grossly irresponsible and insensitive people out of office.

And very soon too. ✍????✍????✍????”